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  About B.Ed. Course
PIE intends to offer:-
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
(approved by NCTE and affiliated to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra & )
The institutes will be introducing some more courses from the coming session Course duration One year Authorized Intake 100 Seats.
  About - Paragon Institute of Education

ABOUT PIE - Vision and Objective -
PIE, poised to develop into an institute of higher learning and interdisciplinary research, lays great emphasis on state of the art methods of teaching at various levels. PIE is committed to provide world class education using the latest techniques and methodology for curriculum transaction. The institution also aspires to encourage one to look beyond the explored frontiers of knowledge.

In short, PIE intends to enable the prospective teachers to identify challenges in the process of Teaching/learning, inculcate in them the Indian Ethos and culture so that it flows down to the succeeding generations.

PIE has recognition/approval from NCTE, Jaipur and affiliation with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. The first intake should be of 100 (one hundred) students. In accordance with the Appointment Rules and norms of the university, PIE will have a competent team of teachers to let them imbibe the best of their syllabus.

INFRASTRUCTURE:- The academic and administrative wings of PIE is planned to be a Two-storey concrete structure of approx. 1600 Sq. Meter covered area at both the floors. According to the plan, the ground floor and the second floor is well Constructed.

The total built up area of the Institute is to be of approx. 1600 ( One thousand six hundred ) Sq. Meter. It is slated to have one grand Hall to be used as Conference room for organizing seminars, Presentations and Management Body Meetings. The Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Common room, Activity rooms etc are also large & spacious. They have a provision to integrate the latest teaching aids and T.V. aids.

Computer Lab:- The plan of the institute envisions an ultramodern, fully air-conditioned large computer lab with sufficient number of latest P-IV workstations and latest software .

Science Lab:-PIE will have a Well equipped physical & life sciences lab where basic things like Acids, Bases, Various Chemicals, Balancer, Potentiometer, Models of different parts of Homan anatomy etc will always be available.

Psychology Lab:- PIE plans to have a Well advanced Psychology lab where facilities for all required psychological standardized tastes will be available for the students.

Social Science Lab:-This lab will have apparatus/goods like Globes, Maps (Political, Physical) Charts showing geographical area,climate conditions of different countries and celestial models.

Library:- There will be a well equipped library in a spacious reading room with sufficient number of text and reference books so that the students get full opportunity to enrich themselves with the latest information related to their field of education. The plan is to have separate textbook section, reference book section, reading zone & section for journals, magazines, CDs, Videos etc.

Hostel:- The plan has a Hostel for 32 girls. It has also planned a boys' hostel too at the earlist if demand comes for that. The Girls' hostel is just opposite the main campus across the road.

Sports Club:- Sports is an important activity which has to be carried out to take care of all round development of the students and to inculcate a sense of healthy competition amongst them. The plan of sports infrastructure includes A basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, running tracks, playgrounds and facilities for indoor sports such as chess, carom, table tennis etc.
PIE is planning to develope a sports club of the students who have interest in sports. The club will serve the purpose of a nodal body for organising in-house and inter-institutional tournaments.

Creative Club:- PIE will help create a " Creative Club" of the students to provid them with an opportunity to develop their creativity in painting, music, group decision making and theatrix.

Medical Facility:- The Institute is very serious about the medical care of the students during their stay on the campus and in hostels. It has made adequate arrangements for regular visit of a doctor at short intervals.

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